Cookies refer to small text files employed to store minor fragments of information. These files are stored on your device when you load the website on your browser. Their purpose is to enhance website functionality, bolster security, optimise user experience, and facilitate performance analysis, enabling us to discern effective practices and areas for improvement.

How We Utilise Cookies

Similar to the majority of online services, our website employs both first-party and third-party cookies for various purposes. First-party cookies are largely essential for seamless website operation, and they do not gather any personally identifiable data.

The third-party cookies used on our website predominantly serve to assess website performance, user interactions, ensure service security, deliver pertinent advertisements, and overall, provide an enhanced and refined user experience that expedites future interactions with our site.

Our website’s cookies are categorised as follows:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are indispensable for website functionality and cannot be deactivated in our systems. They usually activate in response to your actions, encompassing service requests such as privacy preference configuration, logging in, or form submission.

While you can adjust your browser to block or notify you about these cookies, certain parts of the site may then be non-functional.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies empower us to tally visits and traffic origins, enabling us to gauge and enhance our site’s performance. They aid in identifying the most and least popular pages and tracking visitor movement. These cookies may collect IP addresses and create a random unique identifier for evaluating how frequently a visitor revisits the same site. By not permitting these cookies, we will remain unaware of your site visits and unable to monitor its performance.

Functional Cookies

These cookies augment website functionality and personalization. They might be activated by us or third-party providers whose services we’ve incorporated into our pages. Such cookies abstain from storing any personally identifiable data.

Targeting Cookies

Our advertising partners may set these cookies through our site to exhibit relevant adverts. These cookies and personalised ads do not disclose user identities.

Managing Cookie Preferences

We hold your privacy rights in high regard and afford you the freedom to select your preferred cookie types (except for cookies deemed “strictly necessary”). You can oversee cookies via our cookie preference manager by clicking the button below. Peruse the distinct category headings to garner further insights and modify our default settings. Keep in mind that obstructing some cookie types may impact your site experience and the services we furnish. Your chosen cookie settings persist upon revisiting our site, and you can amend them at your convenience.

Cookie Settings

Naturally, employing a cookie to remember the settings you’ve chosen within this privacy manager entails a few implications:

Erasing all cookies necessitates reconfiguration of your settings.Switching devices or browsers requires re-indicating your preferences.Alternatively, you can regulate cookies directly through your web browser. Most browsers permit cookie control via their settings and preferences. Consult your specific browser’s guidelines for instructions on disabling, restricting, or deleting cookies. For your convenience, we provide the following links. Click on the relevant link to access comprehensive information on cookie settings. If your browser isn’t listed, consult your browser’s help pages for details on adjusting cookie settings.